Our Team

Our Team

Meet the team at Julicher Estate

Martin Bell - Winemaker

Martin began working in the wine industry in 2004, after graduating with a Master of Science degree, majoring in Biotechnology, from the University of Otago. What started as a money saving exercise for an overseas trip quickly turned into an unshakeable passion for making wine. He took a year to get his degree in Winemaking in 2007, before heading for a vintage in Oregon, USA, then to Marlborough for nine years. There he used his degrees and gained experience working on the winemaking side of research and development of new products, premium winemaking, as well as working as part of a larger team with over 80 years combined knowledge. He specialises using the natural biology of the yeast to enhance the flavour and mouthfeel of the yeast, believing that science should be complementary to the winemaking process, rather than an intervention. He has been at Julicher Estate for two years and it is a great fit, allowing him to concentrate on premium winemaking in a very hands-on role.


Kyra Day - Vineyard Manager

Kyra grew up in the Wairarapa, all the locals know her well. After working for one of the big wineries in the region for over 21 years there is nothing she has not seen. With a keen eye for detail, her hard work in the vineyard over the last couple of years has paid off and we have lovely healthy vines producing some top-quality grapes again. Her focus to where she wants our vineyard to be the next couple of years is inspiring.


Nick Hewitt - General Manager 

Our new General Manager Nick Hewitt moved down to Te Muna in February, with his wife Anna and two boys, to live on the Julicher Vineyard. Nick's first vintage picking grapes was exactly 20 years ago and he has been working in the wine and hospitality industry ever since. The last 12 years Nick worked for national wine distributors Negociants and Treasury Wine Estates, where he fine tuned his sales and marketing skills with the best in the business. Nick is a graduate of the Yalumba Business School which is a long running executive education program with the University of Adelaide and Yalumba, Australia's oldest family owned winery. A certified Sommelier through the Court of Sommeliers, Nick also sits on the national committee of NZ Sommeliers and Wine Professionals https://www.sommelier.co.nz/.

At Julicher, Nicks role is diverse, primarily focused on sales and marketing but being in such a small team you will find Nick in the winery, vineyard along with being across our admin and logistics. Most importantly, Nick ensures Kyra (vineyard manager) and Martin (winemaker) have exactly what they need to grow and make world class wine.